Thursday, January 3, 2013


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Yong Nuo 460 MK1
Yong Nuo 460 MK2
Yong Nuo 460 Sony
Yong Nuo 465
Yong Nuo 468
Yong Nuo 560
Yong Nuo 560 MK2
Yong Nuo 560 MK3
Yong Nuo 565 EX
Yongnuo YN-560EX (YN-EX600) TTL Slave Flash for Canon and Nikon
Yongnuo YN-568EX HSS ETTL Canon
Yongnuo YN-468II E-TTL MK2

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Meike MK900 Speedlite 
Meike TTL MK-950 Flash
Meike MK-930 Speedlite
Meike MK580 Speedlite
Meike MK-410 Speedlite

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Nissin DI866 Nissin Mark II
Nissin Di622 Mark II

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Octopus OC-AF38 Speedlite Flash
Octopus OCAF58 GN58 LCD Display
Octopus OC-120LED Video Light + Battery + Charger
Octopus OC-36LED Video Light + Free 2pcs Battery 7 Charger

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Sunblitz 938AF TTL Flash For Canon Nikon Sony

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Godox EX600 Portable 600w Studio Light

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Procore 455 LED Light + TTL Flash for canon and Nikon


Sekonic L-308S
Octopus Remote
Octopus 2 in 1 Wired and Wireless 100 meter Remote Switch
Octopus Wired Remote Switch For Canon , Nikon, Sony, Pentax, Samsung
Octopus Dual Trigger
Yong Nuo-Triger CTR301
Yongnuo RF-602 2.4 GHz Wireless Flash Triggers
Yongnuo RF-603 C1 2.4GHz Wireless Flash Trigger
Meike MK-RC7 2.4GHz Flash Trigger


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Sphere Reflector 5 in 1
Reflector Holder
Professional 6 in 1 Super combo Flash Diffuser
Pocket Triangle Reflector
Lambency Diffuser
Flash Diffuser
Reflector 5 in one
Reflector Hand held 2 color Reflector
Octopus Multi Flash Swivel
Octopus 80cm x80cm Photo Cube
Octopus 3 Meter Backdrop Stand Set
Octopus 2 Layer 60cm x 60cm Softbox + 4 color diffuser
Octopus Stobist Lighting Set 
3 Meter Light Stand + 60cm x 60cm Softbox ( Honey comb + 2 Layer Diffuser)
Flash bracket with off camera cord 
Octopus Light Tone Pro Flash Diffuser
DEMB PRO Flash Diffuser
Lighting Bag
Universal Octopus 5 in 1 Color Gel Flash Diffuser
Octopus Pop Up Flash Diffuser + 3 Color Dome
Octopus Optical Slave Flash Trigger
DigiEye Video Slider
Sevenoak SK-DW02 Dolly
Meike FC100 LED Ring Flash
Octopus 10 x 20 Muslin Backdrop + 2 Power Clamp
Octopus OC-RF01 LCD Display LED Ring Flash
OCRF02 LED Macro Ring Flash
Non-Woven 3 x 6m backdrop + free 2pcs